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We are lovers of all things Scandinavian. When our owners tossed out an idea of a big, family style dinner series with a nod to the Vikings (not of the losing Minnesota variety mind you), we jumped at the chance to bring this idea to life.

When we first started concepting out our Viking dinners, our main goal was to not only have it be an immersive and exceptionally delicious experience, but also an opportunity for fellowship and community. Our private dining room, the Dain Room, was the perfect location for this family style dinner. This room seats 24 people, is intimate and with its fabric lined walls gives the warmth that we were all craving during the winter season. This size of a dinner gave people the opportunity to come with a group of their friends or even come on their own, as everyone was seated together at one big table. We loved seeing people learn a little something about Viking heritage and food and make new friends and connections! 

When looking for inspiration to draw from for the Viking Dinners, Chef Avalon did not have to look far. “The inspiration comes from a genuine love for food and history. I really enjoy learning about agriculture of a period in time and how they did their best to utilize what was available to them. Food and cultures are so intertwined; you can learn so much just from taste.” 

Along with the food, there was cocktail pairings to go with each course. Our Bar Manager, Bobby, had so much fun getting to collaborate with Chef Avalon. “She [Chef Avalon] and her food inspired most of the drinks. The rest of the inspiration came from my love of classic literature and mythology. The names for the drinks and the stories I tell during the dinner come from my college textbooks. I’m glad they are still useful!” 

Incorporating dishes such as rye bread, lamb, bean & cabbage stew, full platters of smoked salmon, short ribs, and honey root vegetables, paired with cocktails such as the Valhalla Sour and the Freyja, brought to life the true Viking experience.

Good food and good community, that is our love language. Let’s just say no one left hungry!

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