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Our Grandparents knew what they were doing-cooking from scratch, using local ingredients from their backyard and perfecting the recipes passed down from generations. We've tapped into the Scandinavian, German and Native American Grandparents from the area and our memories growing up here to inspire both of the restaurants of 701 eateries: Prairie Kitchen and Camp Lonetree.  

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We're the type of friend that loves throwing parties in their parents kitchen, singing 90's music at the top of our lungs with wooden spoons for microphones, and making pepperoni eggs at the end of a fun night.


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Dine like a Viking 


Royal Copenhagen Blue Plates


She's 16 and she's viral! 

Community Cheerleaders

We see 701 as platform for doing good in this community and being part of transforming the futures of the Midwest. 

You learn a lot about someone 

you share a meal with.

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If you're into restaurant life, embracing the four seasons,  shopping small, nordic design, great cocktails, funny grandparents+ probably way too many videos of cooking, you've come to the right place. 

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