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We will meet you in the kitchen, where all the good parties and storytelling happen! Whether it’s singing 90s rap at the top of our lungs after some cocktails with wooden spoons for microphones (because that’s what we do EVERY holiday) or eating lefse, hot dishes, a great steak straight from the farm or making traditional Romegrott, we will share our traditions of growing up in the midwest and we hope you share yours. 701 is all about midwest nostalgia. . . help us tell the stories of our heritages. 

making our grandma’s RECIPES

learning from the best

midwest-inspired ATMOSPHERE

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Our Grandmas knew what they were doing–cooking from scratch, using local ingredients from their backyard and perfecting the recipes passed down from past generations. We’ve tapped into our Scandinavian and German Grandmas to inspire the Prairie Kitchen and Camp Lonetree menus and created our spin on midwest nostalgia.

embracing the FOUR SEASONS

We are taking our cue from our Scandinavian ancestors and embracing “Friluftsliv”.  Our 4 season rooftop patio is the perfect way to celebrate the “free air life”because there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!  BUT if you prefer cozy indoor “hygge” fun, we have that too!

we’re lovers of a GOOD PARTY

join us for HAPPY HOUR

In Prairie Kitchen we love bringing a little heritage to our happy hour specials! From rømmegrøt to lefse and chex mix to puppy chow you’ll definitely be in for a treat here
at 701!

thank you to OUR HERD

Thank you to those who invested in 701 Eateries