HI, WE ARE 701

Growing up in North Dakota, we have always loved the traditions, the food and the community of people from the midwest.

We must have a thing for older things. . . traditions, grandparents and
run-down buildings.  

When the opportunity arose to create a restaurant with the address 701 we knew it was fate.  Originally Acme Dairy, turned Rosy's Laundry, would now be transformed into a Midwest inspired destination!

We are pretty much obsessed with major transformations and this renovation was nothing short of that. We dreamed of making a cozy space that people can hop between two restaurants for different experiences.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), no size of project scares us. In 2020 we started chipping away. Since growing up, our Grandparents were our idols. We felt their (and others) stories needed to live on and so 701 became a place to celebrate all things Midwest! 

The Primer

We are throwing a neighborhood party and you're invited!

When we think about how we want you to feel when coming to 701, we always envision the best neighborhood parties. You are amongst friends; you can come as you are. There is great food and great conversation and the host (us!) makes you feel welcome and always makes sure you have a full drink in hand!

What We're 


Our team. The passion and enthusiasm of the culinary team, front of house, event staff and management team brings us so much excitement for the future of 701. 

What we're 


The restaurant biz is hard!   With staff shortages and food costs at an all-time high, we have had to continually adapt. Thank you for being patient with us as we evolve to be the best place for our staff and guests! If there is anything we can do to improve, we always want to hear from you!  Please email us at 701info@brewrestaurants.com

What we're 

not about

Pretentiousness. We hope you feel comfortable coming to 701 straight from the field or for your dressy occasions because we want to see you either way! 

what we


That 701 is a platform for doing good in this community.  #1 we hope you leave 701 happier then you arrive. #2 we hope to create a happy and healthy work environment for our staff. #3 we hope to change the landscape of North Dakota by creating positive change for communities

Favorite Things

scandinavian design

old cookbooks


It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles.   

— Theodore Roosevelt

Do you want to work with us? 

Our mission is to create a company where people can have a career in the culinary arts. That means opportunities to learn and grow, health benefits for full time employees, access to free counseling, discounts and major holidays off.

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If you're into restaurant life, embracing the four seasons,  shopping small, nordic design, great cocktails, funny grandparents+ probably way too many videos of cooking, you've come to the right place. 

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